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Celebrated owners of Nick's work include, amongst others, HRH The Duke of York, Nick Faldo and Sir Alex Ferguson and his club making skills have been featured on both BBC and Carlton television.

In addition to the works displayed below, Nick provides a complete bespoke service; sets taking up to three weeks to hand-craft and he is also happy to work closely with clients to produce work tailored specifically to their needs.

A selection of golf collectibles, golf memorabilia and items celebrating the history of golf.

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Golfing Memorabilia

After David Allan - William Inglis, 1787

Famous print of David Allans' oil painting depicting ...

Golfing Traditions price:£1,700.00
Price / kg:

R. Forgan's Workshop and Bulger Driver

Print depicting clubmaking in Robert Forgan's workshop in ...

Golfing Traditions price:£199.00
Price / kg:

'The Rules of Golf 1754 and H. Vardon' - T. Gilbert

This historical image lists the original thirteen Articles ...

Golfing Traditions price:£900.00
Price / kg:

Ladies Championship, 1901 with Putting Cleek

This is a typical image by Michael Brown of the Ladies ...

Golfing Traditions price:£299.00
Price / kg:

The Stymie - D. Sadler with Track Iron

A typical Dendy Sadler golfing scene depicting the use of ...

Golfing Traditions price:£499.00
Price / kg:
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